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Being and Becoming

I am currently putting together a meditation offering that will start once enough people have signed up. Please feel free to reach out to learn more.

The course will focus on two primary experiences of meditation: open awareness and cultivating qualities through practice. It is designed for people with a wide variety of previous meditation experience.


We will break down important details and skills to help build an understanding of what meditation is and how practice works.

The goal is to make meditation accessible, while making the benefits of practice a part of daily life. My hope is that each person can have a direct experience of what is meant by each key term we delve into.

We'll be exploring: focus/attention/awareness, self/reality, equanimity, compassion, clarity, and surrender/letting go. Each session will include two guided meditations and time for discussion/sharing.

Country Road

My background is in Buddhism and the Diamond Approach. I am passionate about using my knowledge and experience to help others. I have had a regular meditation practice for 25 years and have studied a variety of traditions and practices.

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