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This blog will be a window into how I think about therapy. I'm a theory nerd and enjoy diving into the world of ideas. I don't believe theory is a necessary part of therapy but some people, myself included, experience an added benefit when the theory behind the work is part of the conversation.

These posts will be a creative exploration of what I consider some of the fundamentals of effective therapy. I'm a fan of writing that both opens up a topic and makes it as clear and relatable as possible.

I'll start with an inquiry into the nature of healing, growth and change then move on to topics like being seen, heard and understood, the importance of addressing unmet needs, increasing self-reflection, the connection between relationship and emotional regulation, the different uses of mindfulness, the importance of creating clarity, and why including developmental ideas can increase the effectiveness of therapy.

Please feel free to email me any questions regarding any of the posts. Or to suggest future possible topics to include.

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